Monday, June 1, 2015

Barbara Peters of the Poisoned Pen Reviews HOVER

The official book launch for HOVER will happen at the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, on Tuesday, June 2nd, at 7pm. It will also be Livestreamed.
You can watch it here:

Barbara Peters, owner of the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ
The owner, Barbara Peters, has an impressive resume. She founded The Poisoned Pen in 1989, and with her husband, Robert Rosenwald, she founded the Poisoned Pen Press in 1997, where she is Editor in chief. Barbara has won the Raven and Quill Awards from the Mystery Writers of America (and been nominated for an Edgar for Best Biographical Work) and is a Bouchercon Fan Guest of Honor and Lifetime Achievement honoree.

Anyway, here's what she has to say about HOVER (and yes, my jaw dropped to the floor when I read it):

Wilson is a metro Phoenix author publishing her debut novel,
Hover (Forge $24.99). I read it in one sitting. I've never previously considered 

What it's like to fly helicopters
What it might be like to be a woman serving in the US Navy as an Academy graduate, and also as a pilot
What it's like to live at sea, to be deployed on missions, what kind of training and skill sets are involved.

And honestly, did I care? And the answer is, Wilson not only made me care, but kept me so riveted I didn't put the book down until turning the last page.
It helps there's a magnetic Lieutenant whose behavior is unpredictable (so, romance)
That Lieutenant Sara Denning's superiors run the gamut from bastard to supportive to indifferent
That another pilot, her BFF, is both a bestie and sometimes jealous
And that Sara is carrying around some tragic baggage (the stuff of women's fiction)
All this afloat in the Pacific, at port in Hong Kong, and moving to the Gulf where the US Vice President may well be the target of a hostile operation (a thriller).

So, no labels here. Join us to learn more from Wilson who writes (some of) what she knows, and in a cracking good voice. Plus you will able to drop "buttonhook" into the conversation with authority.

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