Thursday, May 11, 2017

HOVER optioned for film

I have some nice news. HOVER has been optioned for film. What this means is that a producer contacted me with interest in taking HOVER to either the big screen or small screen. My literary agency and the film agency they work with in Los Angeles arranged for the contract that gives the producer the rights to look for media partners  to develop HOVER into a feature film.

This is a process that is in its nascent stages. What the producer has asked me to do is to share this book trailer he made. It is posted on a Facebook page that he created as an information center for prospective media partners.

The goal here is to reach as wide an audience as possible because number of hits and likes are great selling points. So if you have a moment, perhaps you could click over there just to see. 

Admittedly, it’s awkward for me, because the producer asked me to be IN the book trailer, which, as you’ll see, has been done in an interview style. 
So there you have it. Not sure what will happen with all this, but it's pretty cool that someone in the movie industry liked the book enough to take it to this next place. As always, thank you readers and friends for your support of my writing.