Tuesday, November 3, 2015

HOVER's very first "Top Ten" list!

I'm thrilled that HOVER has been placed on its very first "Top Ten" list! It's called Top Ten Tuesday for 2015 debut authors and it's courtesy of strupag.com. http://www.strupag.com/top-ten-tuesday-35/

You can find the accompanying 5-star review here: http://www.strupag.com/review-hover/. Here's a sample from the review:.

I found this book fascinating. Aside from the story, which itself was gripping, I learned SO much! Not only about being a female pilot in the Navy, but also about being a pilot and about the Navy itself.

All in all I loved this book. It was a thrilling, fascinating read. Sara’s a strong, inspiring protagonist and I really hope that we’ll see her on other missions sometime soon… I want more Sara in my life!

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