Friday, October 19, 2018

Treason? Not so fast . . .

I am a former naval aviator who served in the Persian Gulf and I am compelled to address Martha McSally’s accusation of treason leveled at Kyrsten Sinema. It was a deplorable, desperate attempt to change the subject in a debate where McSally was clearly outclassed.

It worked. The media gobbled up the word ‘treason’ like catnip. The perfect headline. And in this case, the perfect word to provide cover for what McSally’s debate arguments lacked. This attack was derived from a statement Sinema made during an interview fifteen years ago that was pulled out of context and further mischaracterized by McSally. But that single word has now clouded the previous fifty-nine minutes of debate where Sinema shined.

McSally calls herself a patriot, and Sinema, a protester. But veterans like McSally and myself served precisely to ensure the right of all Americans to protest—a fundamental tenet of our democracy—but it makes us no more patriotic than Sinema or anyone else who exercises this constitutional right.

While I respect McSally’s military accomplishments, I was not impressed with her evasiveness and dubious debate tactics. But Sinema required no such antics. As I watched her give thoughtful answers in a measured, civil tone, offering solutions, not insults, I saw a future United States Senator in action.


  1. Eloquent appraisal and not surprised. Thank you, Anne!

  2. Well said. I am a retired female Army officer but have never used my former rank in a way to imply that I presently possess the authority or hold the sway of a serving officer. I was happy to see the outcome of the Senate election. Thank you Anne.